EGA Master grip pliers excel for the wide range they cover: more than 11 different models, with more than 20 product references, for an enormous variety of uses. They also stand out for their grip and resistance: being forged in chrome-vanadium steel, they stand 30% higher gripping force. They are also known for their safety ; the inverted opening system reduces accidental opening.

On top of all these features, EGA Master locking pliers are unique for their special anti – rust treatment: TITACROM®

Grip pliers, due to the applications for which they are used, suffer the undesired effect of getting prematurely rusted. No matter what the coating may be: painting, phosphating, chrome plating…all of them eventually rust due to environmental conditions, but specially due to the high temperatures they must stand when being used for welding operations.

Conscious of the problem and the cost that premature replacement involves to the end users, EGA Master manufactures grip pliers with a special coating developed by their R&D team: TITACROM® . The coating offers 3 times more resistance to rust than polished tools, 2 times more than painted tools and up to 50% more than normal chrome plated ones .

For all these reasons, EGA Master becomes the best choice not only in quality, accuracy, safety an reliability, but also on cost-effectiveness for the professional end user.