EGAMASTER Non-Sparking Tools

EGAMASTER, S.A. Non-Sparking Tools are the best alternative for non-sparking application purposes in potentially explosive enviroments. All tools are forged after casting to achieve the best quality in the market, both in mechanical properties and attractive finishing. We incorporate to our non-sparking tools all our knowledge of decades designing and manufacturing hand tools, making the most ergonomic, easy-to-be-used and nicest design for them.

All EGA Master Tools are manufactured according to the strict control of ISO 9001-200, certified by the most prestigious institution for hand tool manufacturing, TÜV-Rheindland/Germany.

CAUTION: These tools are not clasified as anti-static because they do conduct electricity. Do not use high copper content tools in direct contact with acetylene due to the possible formation of explosive acetylide, specially in presence of moisture.

Tools made of Cu-Be alloy can be used in all groups (I, IIA, IIB, IIC) in a safe way, always respecting the maximun surface temperature allowed, except with acetylene that can create explosive acetylite gases.

Tools made of Al-Bronze alloy can be used in a safe way, allways respecting the maximun surface temperature allowed, except for the IIC group (Hydrogen, gas of water, acetylene, bisulphide of carbon, Ethyl nitrate) .



Items with copper compositions higher than 65% should not be used in acetylene enviroments. Both aluminium-bronze and copper-berylium allows do have higher copper compositions than 65%. Reason is not that copper-berylium can create a spark with the enough energy to create the ignition of acetylene, but that copper can react with acetylene creating highly explosive acetylates. For this reason, copper-beryllium or aluminium-bronze alloys should not be used in acetylene enviroments. EGMASTER, S.A is working in a newly developed non-sparking alloy that may be 100% safe to be employed in acetylene enviroments. If that is your situation, please contact us to be informed about the availability.