Safety Tool – 1000v

EGA Master offers a huge range of safety toolsm 1000v insulated handtools: pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, tweezers, knives, sockets, spanners, hacksaws…


EGA Master insulated safety tools comply with IEC 900 resp. DIN EN 60900 international standard, each one of the pieces being tested at 10,000V (10 times the voltage we certify). They are also tested rigorously according to what the norms establishes: adherence test, impact test, flame propagation test and dielectric penetration test.



  1. Double hard-soft PVC insulation provides maximum adherence and safety
  2. Anti-shock guards and ends.
  3. Un-erasable laser marking


  • Electrical installation
  • High Voltage networks
  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Low Voltage networks
  • Fire-fighters
  • Electric Stations and substations
  • Telecomunications
  • Lighting installation and repair


  1. Don’t ever use tools under voltage if they present pores, fissures, encrusted elements or if the white insulation layer is visible
  2. Insulating floors and safety shoes are recommended to work under voltage
  3. Avoid contact with water while working under voltage
  4. Do not ever touch directly any item that may be under voltage. Use a voltage tester to check first