Pliers, Circlip Pliers, Lock-Grip Pliers

The ergonomic features of series “E” pliers represent the culmination of intensive testing and analysis in close cooperation with users, with additional support from specialist ergonomics laboratories. The spring wedges the handles snugly between fingers and palm, ensuring comfortable use and accuracy. We supply a wide range of pliers;


Multigrip Pliers

  • Locking multigrip pliers
  • Engineers multigrip pliers
  • Compact multigrip pliers
  • Large capacity multigrip pliers



  • Diagonal cutters
  • End cutters
  • Electrical engineering cutters
  • Low effort cutters
  • Plastic cutters


Circlip Pliers

  • High-performance piano wire cutters
  • Machined nose pliers
  • Snap-ring pliers
  • Moving-jaw pliers
  • Reversible circlip pliers
  • Large capacity pliers


Lock-Grip Pliers

  • T5 series trigger-release pliers
  • 500 series pliers
  • Compact pliers
  • Single-setting pliers
  • Bar-clamp pliers
  • Metalworking pliers

End Nippers

Combination Pliers

Flat-nose Pliers

Half-round Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Standard Wire Strippers

Connector Pliers

Locking-wire Pliers

Plier Sets