Facom Tool Storage Cabinets

Facom ensures the quality of its products

Our integrated design office follows each project through from the initial idea to production. In this way we are able to incorporate the latest technologies and take into account our customer’s requirements.

Quality assurance is a constant concern. Before launch to market, each new product must undergo a series of tests specified in a qualification program.
Ergonomics, durability, mechanical and chemical resistance are all taken into account, and destructive tests are performed to determine the mechanical limits of the product.

Personalised advice
The organisation of the workstation directly influences productivity in the working conditions

  • A Well designed and functional workstation can save time
  • an ergonomic design reduces fatigue

Our technical sales advisors will help you to chose the product that best meets your needs.

FACOM modular storage system
Comprising over 100 references, the Facom modular storage system allows each tool to be easily selected and missing tools to be immediately recognised. It is fully compatible with the roller cabinets and furniture units. Made of thick impact and hydrocarbon-resistant material, the trays forming the modules are designed to withstand intensive daily use.

Customised workshops
For orders of 4 or more roller-cabinets or furniture units, Facom can produce customised colour-schemes to match your workshop.